Why would we continue to do science if its results do not make us shape society more consciously?

*1912*, that is 110 years ago.

What is going wrong here, and what will we do about it?

@erikkemp unfortunately the ones doing science and the ones shaping society are not the same set of people.

@erikkemp would you like a literal answer? most humans will do nothing, and suffer and die as a result.

it is a mistake to assume there is a single cohesive human "we". there are a few million thinking adults then a few billion more just trying to fuck and play the monkey status game, oblivious to most everything else.

@erikkemp That note is based on an article in the March 1912 issue of Popular Mechanics. It doesn't say what people like to think it does. Yes, the warming effect of CO2 was recognised, but they made this out to be a GOOD thing. Also some casual racism for good measure.

@erikkemp because it's 2 different things and the problem is not with science?

Science is descriptive and must not be prescriptive.

Politic is prescriptive and should use wisely scientific consensus.

Science describe where we are, politics define where we want to go.

1) Most scientific literature isn't written to be understandable to the average person.

2) Most people don't know what the peer review process even is, much less why it's better than anecdotes or vibes.

You'd need mandatory scientific literacy in k-12 probably.

@erikkemp Facts don't matter if most people are science illiterate.

And most of our political systems are based on people who are voted by the public. Which is a teribble way to find people suitable for any position.

Therefore: All laws and political decisions should be made based on a world model that represents our best understanding of reality.

If people then still vote the "destroy world make money" party, at least no one can say they didn't know.

@wakame That's why I like so much. I have to renew my certificates, because the world has changed and I want to have an up-to-date worldview. How wonderful! We should also have something like that on a local level. I might start making something similar for my municipality!

@erikkemp Very nice. With 8 of 18 UN Goals right, I clearly have a lot of misconceptions.

I wonder how complicated it would be to perform a simple fact checking on core statements by parties before an election. We have warnings on tobacco products. Why don't we have star ratings or warning labels on party posters?

@wakame Anyone can organise a debate and invite people who want to get elected. Why wouldn't you start a debate with a little factfulness quiz? I would be up for it :) We have a lot of debates before an election but never with a worldview quiz so far.

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