Oh yes, a new episode of my favourite podcast, about a topic I find very, very intriguing:

The Art of Manliness: Building a Second Brain

Website: aom.is/secondbrain

Media file: stitcher.simplecastaudio.com/1

I am using for about a year and a half now and so far it is amazing for me.

Off topic: I listen my podcasts on , the only sad thing is that they don't have ActivityPub support yet (:
@AntennaPod , is that one the roadmap by any chance?

@erikkemp are you asking about #activitypub on @AntennaPod to subscribe to podcast feeds or publish your listening queue? Just curious.


@shom @AntennaPod To share podcasts via an AP account, manually or maybe automatically when I favourite one, or create lists of good podcasts like shelves on Bookwyrm :)

@erikkemp interesting idea, I can see the favorite based workflow being very useful for maintaining a tool independent "bookmark" or for sharing like you suggested.

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